About Amy

Welcome to Amy’s Inkwell.  I am a reader, writer, and photographer.  I’ve made a living in IT, but I live for reading, writing and travel.  I’ll dip my quill and share stories my with you here.

  • Bookmark posts let you read over my shoulder.
  • Pen and Paper posts share my efforts at the keyboard.
  • Scrapbook posts are worth a thousand words.
  • File Folder posts submit status reports from my day job.
  • Diary posts confess anything else that crosses my mind.

Besides this blog, I can be found at the following locations:

And for a token connection to my day job:


6 thoughts on “About Amy”

  1. Michael Mitchell said:

    Hi My grandfather also served in the 1308th Engineers Company E. My grandfather was Corporal Benjamin James Timmer

    • Hi – Oh, my gosh. I just found your comment. My grandfather was Frank Alden Wilson. I’ve been trying to find out more about the 1308th, to learn about my grandfather’s time in the war. I would love to compare notes!

      • Michael Mitchell said:

        What I remember was when he shipped out with the 1308th to England in 1942 it was by accident he was supposed to be going to the Pacific but was assigned to the wrong ship by a buerocratic screw up. Mid voyage in the Atlantic was when he was permanently assigned to the 1308th. In France there was a incident involving a pill box and a church.

      • My grandfather was always in the 1308th, always headed to Europe first (that I know of).
        Do you know much about the 1308th? I’ve been trying to put together a timeline of where they were and when, but my grandfather’s letters are few and far between.

      • Michael Mitchell said:

        I believe my grandfather was the only Dutchman in the Company but in England he mentioned regular weight lifting competitions between him their Peurtorican CO and another member of Company E. But my grandfather also hung around with Richard Fesler . And I believe your grandfather attended the reunion in Sault Ste Marie back in the 90’s.

    • I should have left my email – amy_bookgirl@yahoo.com.

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